Khajuraho Temple History And Hd Wallpapers – Know The Secret

The word Khajuraho temple or khajurvahaka is derived from the Sanskrit Khajuraho means date palm and vahaka it means one who carries or bears. In this temples had two golden date palm trees as their gate but right now missing because they got back.

Some people like to choose a most ancient place. Here in this post, I have presented the different types of the temples of Khajuraho images. You can select the best wallpaper from our site.

The Khajuraho mandir was created together but was devoted to two religious one is Hindu and second one is Hinduism. It was suggested the acceptance among the Hindu and Jain religious of their views. It is also the symbolic name of Shiva.

Khajuraho mandir it located in a Madhya Pradesh, India about 175 km in most south of Jhansi. It is one one the main UNESCO world heritage site India. In this temple are famous because of their architecture and their Nagara style.

You can see the below top 20 best pictures of the Khajuraho images and select the best one.

Khajuraho Temple Images and Hd Wallpaper Photos Of India

khajuraho images gallery
Khajuraho temple pictures gallery


khajuraho history
Khajuraho history


khajuraho images
Khajuraho images


khajuraho mandir image
Khajuraho mandir image


khajuraho mandir in india
Khajuraho Mandir in India


khajuraho mandir
Khajuraho mandir


khajuraho paintings photos
Khajuraho paintings photos


Asia, India, Khajuraho. Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho.
Asia, India, Khajuraho. Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho.


khajuraho pics
Khajuraho pics


khajuraho pictures
Khajuraho pictures


khajuraho sculptures
Khajuraho sculptures


khajuraho temple feature image
Khajuraho temple feature image


khajuraho temple history
Khajuraho temple history


khajuraho temple images
Khajuraho temple images


khajuraho temple photos
Khajuraho Temple photos


khajuraho temple pics
Khajuraho pics


khajuraho temple pictures
Khajuraho mandir pictures


khajuraho temple
Khajuraho mandir images


khajuraho temples photo gallery
Khajuraho mandir photo gallery


khajuraho tourism
Khajuraho Tourism


Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho
Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho


western group of temples khajuraho
western group of temples Khajuraho

You can see the above Khajuraho temple in the different types of the HD wallpaper. Here I present our new gallery of the Khajuraho pictures. You can choose the best wallpaper in our sites. If you like this post, then share it with your friend’s colleagues and social networking sites.

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