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Pushkar fair is an annually five days camel and livestock fair it held in the town of Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is a popular camel fair in the worlds. In this post, I present Pushkar Mela 2017 dates some necessary information and pictures.

Pushkar fair is celebrated in Hindu lunar calendar. The Pushkar fair has two integral part first one is cultural ritual and second is trading on a camel. The main tourist attraction of this fair is camel trading. It initiates to starting the festival and then finishes as the religious aspects. Pushkar Mela Dates held on October 28 to November 4.

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Pushkar Mela 2017 Dates Detailed Information About Fair

Here in this post, I have given the detailed information about Pushkar fair. Then provide some beautiful pictures of Pushkar fair. It gives what you can guess in the purpose to the festival and during it this fairs.

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cultural forms in Pushkar Mela
  • October 24, 2017: -Bunch of Headers, camels, and traders begin to appear from out of the desert and arrangement camp, in the dunes around Pushkar.
  • October 25-26,2017: – More camels, nomads, herders, horses, farmers and traders are arriving. Some groups walk to the fair.
  • October 27, 2017: – The sand dunes are at their most crowded with camels, horses, other livestock, traders, and herders.
  • October 28, 2017: – More and more people arrive in Pushkar, and official program of camel races, competitions, and other activities begins at the fairground.
  • October 29,2017: – Scene at the sand dunes gets busy with camel cart rides, vendors, musicians, gypsies, and tourists. Camels and traders start disappearing back into the desert as their business concludes.
  • October 30-31,2017: – The town starts to expand, especially around the temples and a market area near the lake, as pilgrims begin arriving for the religious part of the fair. Official events for tourists continue at the stadium.
  • November 1, 2017: – The town is full of a colorfully dressed devotee from all over the region, while most of the camels and their herders have now left the sand dunes.
  • November 2-3,2017: – The town is busy with a devotee. Bhajans and religious ceremonies take place at the temples. The most important temple, which is the center of celebrations, is dedicated to Lord Brahma and the religious part of a festival is held in honor of him.
  • November 4, 2017: – This is the holy full moon night when thousands of devotee gather to bathe in the lake to acquit themselves of all sins, drawing the fair to a close. There is a grand finale of events, including a maha aarti by the lake and fireworks display.

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