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Hello, Friends!!! Welcome to our site. Here In this article, I present wonderful Sindhi Lord Jhulelal Images and HD wallpaper. You can use this wallpapers related to God Jhulelal for your mobile, computer system, and tablet.

Lord Jhulelal is the Ishta Dev (community God) of Hindu Sindhi people. Sindhi Hindus people think that he is an incarnation of Hindu God Varuna. All Sindhi people worship this Varuna Dev as a god of the sea.    

images of lord jhulelal
Awesome images of Lord Jhulelal

If you see any God Jhulelal photos then he is always riding on the Fish or Horse. He is holding Sword on his right hand. He is the god of protector of truth and divine vision. Sindhi religious celebrates his birth date as a Chetichand.

Chetichand is an important festival which is celebrated by Sindhi people of India and Pakistan. It is as New Year’s Day for the Sindhi people.   

Now let us we will see a Lord Jhulelal wallpaper that you can easily download for your desktop and mobile as per your screen resolution.  

Latest Sindhi Lord Jhulelal Images And Hd Wallpaper

Lord Jhulelal aarti

ॐ जय दूलह देवा, साईं जय दूलह देवा।
पूजा कनि था प्रेमी, सिदुक रखी सेवा।। ॐ जय…

तुहिंजे दर दे केई सजण अचनि सवाली।
दान वठन सभु दिलि सां कोन दिठुभ खाली।। ॐ जय…

अंधड़नि खे दिनव अखडियूँ – दुखियनि खे दारुं।
पाए मन जूं मुरादूं सेवक कनि थारू।। ॐ जय…

फल फूलमेवा सब्जिऊ पोखनि मंझि पचिन।।
तुहिजे महिर मयासा अन्न बि आपर अपार थियनी।। ॐ जय…

ज्योति जगे थी जगु में लाल तुहिंजी लाली।
अमरलाल अचु मूं वटी हे विश्व संदा वाली।। ॐ जय…

जगु जा जीव सभेई पाणिअ बिन प्यास।
जेठानंद आनंद कर, पूरन करियो आशा।। ॐ जय…

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 lord jhulelal wallpaper
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